Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book Spine Poetry Mini-Challenge

                                      The power and the glory
                                        peace like a river
                                      I used to know that


  1. Wow, for 3 spines, that is a surprisingly powerful little poem. Excellent work! A nap will be on the cards for me in the near future, but first I have to go over and check on my neighbors cat. He's fine, he's got plenty of food and fresh water, but his Dad is really attached to him and wants to make sure he gets some company every day. I get it, and he's a good boy, but... I wish I wasn't so tired right now and I'd remembered earlier when it was a little warmer out.

    Are you setting an alarm for your nap? Or are you taking your chances that you'll wake up in time to finish?

    1. Hope the cat was o.k. I had to go let my neighbor's cat in their house last night, because he hadn't returned before they left town. I do think I'll set an alarm, even though I have a strange sleep schedule and usually will be awake for a bit every 2 or 3 hours!

  2. I love book spine poetry, and your poem is exactly why. Plus there's something about perusing your shelves trying to find titles that fit. ;) Happy Reading!


  3. This turned out awesome! Keep up the great work, Sherry Ann! Eight more hours!