Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hour 24

It's over!! I didn't stay awake for the WHOLE 24 hours, but I did better than last time.

Since last update:

40 pages - The Secret of the Old Clock
Final total, pages: 684
Final total, hours: 12hr 15 min

Back with some final thoughts after sleeping for a bit...


  1. You did awesome!!!!! Yay! You should be proud of yourself. You were one of my best commenters! It was fun talking back and forth with you!

  2. You did so well Sherry, both my kids were sick so i went to bed around 1am (my time strated at 10pm).

    I did start to enjoy the Sookie books (read 1 and 2 this weekend) but find them very similar to the Twilight books.

    Have 6 more here to read. lol