Monday, April 21, 2014

Read-a-thon book stack!

With 5 days to go until the Read-a-thon, I have my books all ready! As usual, I have a ridiculous number in my stack, given my reading pace.  It's fun to have several to choose from, however, depending on my mood.  Here they are:

16030647  17345190  1096390
 15985400 121647  18373
  3636 15801339 16068905

Plenty of YA and easy reading stuff.  I've learned my lesson since my first RAT, when I tried to knock back a chunk of War and Peace!  I have a couple of these on audio and/or Kindle for when my eyes get tired or I have to be out of the house.

In addition to having to attend a political convention that day, I just found out about a piano recital I SHOULD go to. Dang - I hate when life interferes with this event!  I can't NOT participate in the RAT, however, so I'll just do my best.


  1. Wonderful choices! I love picking YA and shorter books for the readathon. Christie and Binchy are both favorites of mine as well.

  2. I thought The Uncommon Reader was great fun!

  3. I love your stack of books! Looks like a lot of good ones in there. Good luck on Saturday!

  4. LOVE the Nancy Drew. I am a huge fan. :)
    Also, The Giver is amazing and such a perfect read for the readathon!

    "See" you Saturday!

  5. You have some great books on your stacks and now I'm sad that I'm out of Nancy Drews to read, since I usually try to read at least one during #readathon.

    Go #TeamWordworth! lol

  6. Great choices - Fangirl is SO GOOD! I actually got some Nancy Drew books to my Kindle, so I could read couple of those. I haven't really decided on any particular books yet, since I have one book I need to finish with first. Probably picking up Kiera Cass' 'The Elite' though first since it's quite short and probably as action packed as the first novel. :)

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier and good luck with the readathon!

  7. Woo hoo! I'll see you in the morning! Good luck!

    And I am so glad you are one of my cheerleaders!

  8. Best of luck with your reading goals. It can be difficult when life happens. :) I just recently started from book 1 again in the Nancy Drew series. They are good reads at any age. I have only read No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency from AMS. I would like to read more.