Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hours 11 and 12

Since last update:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - 84 pgs

Running total, pages:  483
Running total, hours:  7hrs 10min

I've been focusing on YA books so far this time around, so my page count is higher than normal.  I hope to break my all-time RAT page total record. 


  1. You must be close to your all-time page count - read, Sherry Ann, read! You can blast past that number, no sweat!

    1. Actually, I think I need to hit 700 pages to break the record. May be tough, but I'm going for it!

  2. Woop woop great page count, keep going!!!

  3. Oh how I love Perks! I hope you're having a great time reading it :) Keep up the great work!

    Everywhere we go
    People want to know
    Who we are
    So we tell them
    We are the readers!
    The mighty, mighty readers!

    I hope you’re having a fantastic Read-a-Thon!
    Jennifer ~ Team Panda
    The Relentless Reader

  4. Cheering you on for busting page count wide open! YA is definitely the way to go for readathon if you want to hit a goal. Keep it up!

    Happy Reading,

    Team Panda