Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hours 17 and 18

Resorted to listening to Nancy Drew on CD to give my eyes a rest.

Since last update: 37 pages - The Hidden Staircase (I have both the book and CDs so I can keep track of the pages)

Running total, pages: 540
Running total, hours: 9hr 45min reading, 1hr 15min listening
Running total, books finished: 1

It's past midnight and I have not turned into a pumpkin, so I am not giving up!

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  1. Man, I forgot about Nancy Drew! Are her escapades keeping you awake? Or maybe that's the Cherry Coke Zero? I just had a snack which perked me up a lot - otherwise I'd probably be snoozing in my chair. I think I'll read a few quickie books (maybe they're novellas?) so I feel like I'm knocking more off of my TBR stack. As long as my arms and wrists get a break from holding up a chunkster, I'm good. Be back later!